Anna and Froga: Completely Bubu

The collected edition of the international cult comic series

“Charming and weird.” —Paste

Anouk Ricard’s bold and colorful comics of this quirky, grumpy gang of pals are delightfully weird yet thoroughly realistic in their honest and hilarious portrayal of friendship. Anna, Froga, Christopher the worm, Ron the cat, and Bubu the dog continue their non-adventures with bickering, needling, cajoling, and honest friendship. No white lie goes unexposed, no small embarrassment goes unrevealed, no secret is kept, everyone’s foibles are fodder for jokes.

Anna and Froga: Completely Bubu collects all five issues of the acclaimed Anna & Froga series into an accessible paperback. Ricard’s vibrant world shines with visual puns and deft animal caricatures, making Anna & Froga enjoyable for kids and their parents alike.


“Anna & Froga has the same kind of humor as Richard Scarry, but with the volume cracked up a little more.”–Boing Boing

“Good graciousness, what a comic!...Very funny comics that are appropriate for kids but have a sophisticated sense of humor that adults will like whether they are parents or not.”–Vice

“A superb blend of humour and emotion, mixed with the sharp, innocent observations kids make, the things they get up to- they're great all-ages comics, which I'd urge you to check out.”–Comics & Cola


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