Anna and Froga: Thrills, Spills, and Gooseberries

"A genuinely funny, unshakably adorable set of stories about a creative little girl and her mischievous animal pals." —The A.V. Club

The whole gang is reunited in Anna and Froga: Thrills, Spills, and Gooseberries. Join Anna, Froga, Ron, Bubu, and Christopher as they get stuck in the haunted house at the county fair with a truly terrifying ticket-taker; as Froga combats a scourge of snails in her garden; and as Bubu has ill-fated dreams of being a great painter.
With this third volume of Anna and Froga, Anouk Ricard experiments with the format, never sacrificing a droll punch line or a hilarious image. Anna and Froga is a true delight for children, parents, and grown-up children alike.

Translated by Helge Dascher.

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Anna and Froga and all their friends are the most perfect combination of unbelievably adorable and total jerks. Anouk Ricard is a genius!” —Sara Varon, author of Robot Dreams, Chicken & Cat, and Bake Sale

“The art is just flat-out beautiful and there's something about the way Froga is drawn that is hilarious every time you see her.” —Vice


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