Anna and Froga: Fore!

Hilarious capers and mischief with Anna's animal friends

It's time for another round of fun and games—okay, practical jokes and pranks—with Bubu, Ron, Christopher, Anna, and Froga. In Anna and Froga: Fore!, Christopher has a crush on someone in his piano class, Bubu sets out to prove himself an ace golfer, and Ron has a close encounter with a lifeguard.

Anouk Ricard's bright and colorful illustrations make the world of Anna and Froga inviting and fun for kids, but adults also love the series for Ricard's charming character design and visual puns.

Translated by Helge Dascher.

“Charming and weird, this book should attract a small, fierce following.” —Paste

“The various character designs are all quite striking . . . [as is] Ricard's use of bright, bold color . . . It's Ricard's artwork that's most likely to grab the reader's eye, whatever her age, and linger in his mind.” —School Library Journal

“All of the characters have defined personalities with strengths and flaws and are all basically likable. The art is just flat-out beautiful and there's something about the way Froga is drawn that is hilarious every time you see her.” —Nick Gazin, Vice

“Anouk Ricard's Anna & Froga: Wanna Gumball (D&Q) belongs to the class of recent children's comics that look and feel like they could've been created by kids--albeit clever, precociously talented kids.” —Noel Murray, The A.V. Club

“Anna and Froga are the pals we wish we'd had when we were kids. Their adventures are certain to brighten our days as they never fail to make us giggle. Beautiful, touching, and hilarious,Anna & Froga is the must-read book for little and big kids.” —Cathy Olmedillas, publisher of Anorak

Annaand Froga and all their friends are the most perfect combination of unbelievably adorable and total jerks… Anouk Ricard is a genius!” —Sara Varon, author of Robot Dreams, Chicken & Cat, and Bake Sale


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