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Drawn + Quarterly contributing to rise in Manga sales in North America

Streaming Anime, Binge-Readers Lift Manga Sales

Publishers Weekly    |    Deb Aoki    |    May 7, 2021

This year has seen new releases from Drawn & Quarterly by legendary manga artists Yoshiharu Tsuge and Shigeru Mizuki, along with new and reprint editions of shojo and sci-fi works by acclaimed manga artist Moto Hagio, Udon Entertainment’s edition of Riyoko Ikeda’s long-anticipated reprint of the 1970s shojo classic Rose of Versailles, and its Manga Classics line of full-text adaptations of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Bram Stoker’s Dracula. There’s also the mind-bending psychedelia of Heaven’s Door by Keiichi Koike from Last Gasp, the touching historical drama of A Journal of My Father by Jiro Taniguchi from Fanfare Ponent Mon, and Tamosan’s The Day I Was Forced to Marry God and The Day I Divorced God, a pair of true-life essays about her experiences as a Jehovah’s Witness in Japan, published by Digital Manga Publishing. There is something for almost every taste or interest out there.

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