Bookgasm calls Goliath “mundanely hilarious and heartbreaking”


Bookgasm    |    BRIAN WINKELER    |    December 18, 2012


What if Goliath of Gath (see: The Bible) were an everyday Joe who was the wrong size in the wrong place at the wrong time?

That’s the premise for Tom Gauld’s mundanely hilarious and heartbreaking graphic novel GOLIATH. Rather than the mindless man-hulk of biblical lore, this Goliath is a desk jockey who’s content minding his own business, but whose size places him square on the radar of bureaucrats who provide him flimsy armor and an inquisitive 9-year-old shield bearer (e.g. “Do you have a gigantic you-know-what?”) but not much detail concerning his role in their military strategy against the Israelites.

Knowledge of our protagonist’s brutal fate makes GOLIATH an almost painful read — you can’t help but feel for a guy who’s a pawn in a game of war in which he has no personal stake, and the truly funny dialogue echoes the mundane managerial pettiness perfected in British television like THE OFFICE.

A London-based cartoonist for THE GUARDIAN, Gauld is not looking to make any grand statements – he aims for blackly comic satire. And like David’s sling, GOLIATH hits the bullseye. —Brian Winkeler

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