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Yellow Yellow is a charmingly simple story of a child whose playground is a gritty urban cityscape, written by Frank Asch and drawn by Mark Alan Stamaty. With no parent in sight, the boy wanders the sidewalks to find a yellow construction hat which quickly becomes his favorite belonging; earning him many compliments from strangers on nearby stoops. Eventually the boy meets the owner of the hat and must return it, leading the child to make his own yellow hat.

Yet the story comes alive via the visual feast of urban oddities that the Who Needs Donuts? cartoonist Stamaty packs in the background of this rediscovered children’s classic. As the boy innocently wears his yellow hard hat down city streets, he is oblivious to his surrealist funhouse surroundings filled with fantastical neighbors such as an old lady on a unicycle and a punk with a head full of fish vacuuming the sidewalk. In scratchy black ink drawings, Stamaty builds a bygone city filled with small storefronts - shoe stores, bookshops, delicatessens, and barber shops-- all packed with detail upon detail. Rewarding multiple readings, delightfully grotesque humor lurks in the scenery of Yellow Yellow from page to page. Stamaty’s imagination to fill the page space is as limitless as the world was to a young boy in 1970.

Praise for Yellow Yellow

I found that I was not really reading this book but looking very carefully at the illustrations trying to see all the bizarre and unusual things going on in the story.

Youth Services Book Review

Children deserve weirdness! They deserve books so chock full of details that they spend countless hours just poring through them. They deserve this book and I am so so pleased that they can have it.

School Library Journal

Beneath its cheerful surface, Yellow Yellow is a multilayered exhortation to take charge of your destiny.


The world back then was a crazy pile-on of things to be discovered, a pre-algorithmic free-for-all, and Stamaty’s work in Yellow Yellow well captures that overstimulating wonderland that, cliched or not to say, our phones and tablets have managed to obscure.

Comics Beat

I loved the feeling of being returned to a 1970s childhood in Yellow Yellow where the innocence of youth meets the bizarre and the dream-like.

Canadian Review of Materials

Children’s writer Frank Asch and acclaimed cartoonist Mark Alan Stamaty have achieved an intriguing duality: a storybook for curious kids, and a picture book for comic-fanatical adults.

Broken Pencil

Amidst the simple and sweet story of the boy and his yellow hat are hundreds, possibly thousands of other stories going on in Stamaty's densely packed, detail filled, crowded slices of an explosive imagination that are his illustrations.

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