DeForge interviewed for FORGE

FORGE    |    February 27, 2015

Michael DeForge interviewed for FORGE Issue 5

Michael DeForge has become one of the most recognizable and important names in the indie comics scene within the relatively short amount of time he’s been publishing his work. Although DeForge originally hails from Ottawa, and spent several years designing gig posters as a high school student there, he’s now one of the many leading members in the now flourishing Toronto comics community. TCAF, Toronto’s largest comic art gathering, has probably had one of the biggest impacts on his current career and DeForge even owes many of the personal and professional relationships to the festival. The festival, which takes place each year during the spring in a public library in the city, has fostered many incredibly important friendships and publishing 
opportunities for the various artists who participate in it and has become a staple in the world of comics today.



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