Zink Magazine reviews THE SELVES

The Selves: Sensible Scrapbook

Zink Magazine    |    Anastasia Kudrashova    |    November 11, 2010

As you open the pretty cover of Sonja Ahlers' The Selves, you enter an artfully constructed, recognizable world.

In her scrapbook-meets-highbrow-zine, The Selves, Sonja Ahlers takes us through an enlightened journey in self-awareness. With stickers, greeting cards, magazine photos and blurbs that she artfully arranges in collage form, she constructs a magical, intimate feminine world. Revisiting childhood and maturation, Ahlers explores the development of identity — social vs. private. The visually engaging petit livre is at once a humorous, enchanting and thought provoking study of pop culture and the secret diary of womankind. "Sonja Ahlers' meditations on childhood, pop culture and feminine power are beyond entertaining. Entering the alternate reality she has created in The Selves, I found myself standing somewhere seductive, familiar and very funny," says Kathleen Hannah, Le Tigre frontwoman and star of the Riot Grrrrl movement.

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