WIMBLEDON GREEN in the Harrisburg Patriot-News

Graphic Lit

Patriot-News    |    Christopher Mautner    |    January 15, 2006

"Wimbledon Green" by Seth, Drawn and Quarterly, 128 pages, $19.95.

Seth's masterful graphic novella about the "greatest comic book collector" imagines a world where golden-age funny books sell for small fortunes and collectors have their own private staff and personal transportation, all devoted to tracking down rare comics.

Seth displays a looser, rougher art style here and uses smaller panels and lots of dialogue to convey the story. Characters often expound upon the mysterious Green in a head-on documentary-style fashion.

My description makes the book sound like a bore, but the result is a warm, funny and surprisingly moving look at not just comics, but the collector mentality in general. Seth has produced works with deeper emotional resonance, but he's never been as much fun as he is here.

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