WILSON, PICTURE THIS and CATLAND EMPIRE make See Magazine’s best books of 2010

The Book of the Year Club - A Literary Tale

SEE Magazine    |    SEE Magazine    |    March 4, 2011

For fans of graphic novels, Daniel Clowes crafted an innovative new style with Wilson, integrating overlapping storylines for his sad-sack protagonist through multiple drawing styles and interconnected one-page narratives. Brace yourself for the same blunt, caustic humour and existential ponderings as his past masterworks Ghost World and David Boring.

Lynda Barry served up more of her enigmatic doodle collage mash-ups with Picture This: The Nearsighted Monkey, while Keith Jones’ Catland Empire was great for a few vibrant, surreal chuckles. However, the most surprising use of colour came from Charles Burns’ X’ed Out, the Black Hole author/artist’s first entry in a trilogy moving away his trademark black and white. Playing off Herge’s classic Tintin comics, Burns presented a bizarre-o world character named Nitnit, dancing between dreams and reality in a disorienting swirl.

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