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Lynda Barry: What It Is

Drawn    |    Drawn Staff    |    November 20, 2008

The other week I had the immense pleasure of seeing Lynda Barry speak in Toronto. She was in town promoting her book What It Is, part autobiographical comic, part how-to guide for blocked creatives.

The It in the title of the book is the idea of an image–a memory, a place, a feeling–and it is what forms the basis of Barry’s methods for storytelling. Rather than racking one’s brain for the perfect story idea, she shows her readers how to let the stories, the images, reveal themselves through word association exercises, and quick, easy writing assignments.

It’s a book that teaches adults how to play and daydream again, and it’s full of Barry’s humour and matter-of-factness. More than I recommend the book, though, I recommend seeing Lynda in person. I’ve never met anyone bursting with so much creative energy and joyful inspiration.

Her workshop tour, Writing the Unthinkable (Myspace link), finds itself in Chicago next — Jan 3rd and 4th — and it could be just what you need if you think you don’t have any stories in you to tell.

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