Weird Canada wanders through Michael Cho’s Back Alleys and Urban Landscapes

Ex Libris :: Back Alleys and Urban Landscapes

Weird Canada    |    From the alleyways and avenues of James Lindsay    |    May 1, 2013

There are always two ways to walk a city. The first is its obvious face, efficient and fair, presented to citizen and tourist alike. The second is for those who don’t want to be seen, forgoing sidewalks in favour of the shadow streets that maze in back, as if an afterthought, but really a functional necessity. For many who have lived most of their lives in Toronto, Michael Cho’s drawings are as iconic as anything you might find on a postcard bought at the base of the CN Tower, yet have a dreamlike quality that’s at once instantly familiar but also unplaceable. You know you’ve been in some of these images, but couldn’t say when. You were only passing through to somewhere more apparent, more populated, and decided to take a shortcut where the planners didn’t intend for us to walk. But we do, and often at night.

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