excerpt from I Want You by Lisa Hanawalt

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ComicBook    |    Jamie Lovett    |    August 18, 2020

Writing and art by Lisa Hanawalt

Published by Drawn and Quarterly

Lisa Hanawalt is definitely one of my favorite creatives in animation right now, and since I can’t shove a physical copy of Season 1 of Tuca & Bertie into everyone's hands, this newly-released version of Hanawalt’s I Want You is the next best thing. This graphic novel collects Hanawalt’s early minicomics, which feature a wide array of deeply personal, genuinely weird, and unabashedly beautiful stories. This is a must-have for anyone who loved Hanawalt’s work on Tuca & Bertie and BoJack Horseman — or just anyone who appreciates off-the-wall cartooning. — Jenna Anderson

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