The Washington City Paper reviews PABLO HOLMBERG’s EDEN

International Ink: Pirates, Ghosts, and Wookies, Oh My!

Washington City Paper    |    Mike Rhode    |    November 2, 2010

Books for review have been piling up again, but the fall con schedule has been working against me. Here’s some quick hits of material I’ve read recently.

Eden by Pablo Holmberg (Drawn & Quarterly, $16.95) is a surprise. Holmberg is an Argentinian web cartoonist, and this book collects his four-panel strip, which is full of lovely moments. The characters are anthropomorphic animals at times, humans at other times, and the two strips on pp. 70-71 can be used to sum up the appeal of the book. On the first page, a walking donkey who’s a king in a red gown and a crown hands a blue vase to a cockatoo in a dress, telling her “I fixed your vase. Although I couldn’t find the piece with the hummingbird. It’s as if it disappeared.” The final panel shows a live full-color hummingbird in a tree, singing to the sunset. The facing page shows a man in a tam-o-shanter sneaking into a house, thinking “10 seconds, just give me 10 seconds” as he sinks into an easychair. As he thinks, “One…” three children rush onto his lap in the last scene.

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