WALT & SKEEZIX in the Globe & Mail Book Review

Book Review - Walt & Skeezix 1921-1922

The Globe and Mail    |    The Globe and Mail Staff    |    December 10, 2005


A garland of gifties; Brilliant birds, tenacious travellers, fabulous photographs, astonishing art and architecture, dazzling designs, precious pets, lovely landscapes — there's something here for every taste

The genius of King's comic strip Gasoline Alley, beyond its warm-hearted mining of gags from everyday life, was to let the characters grow in real time. This finely crafted collection of all the strips from 1921 and 1922, first in a projected series, captures the seminal moment when plump everyman Walt Wallet finds a baby, Skeezix, abandoned on his doorstep. By the end of 1922, Skeezix is toddling and talking.

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