WALT & SKEEZIX and WAR’S END in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Graphic Literature

St. Louis Post-Dispatch    |    St. Louis Post-Dispatch Staff    |    December 4, 2005

Lovingly designed by Chris Ware, with a lengthy biographical essay by Jeet Heer, this is the first volume in a planned series encompassing all 50 years of King's epic run on "Gasoline Alley." The book introduces the title characters, the endearingly plump auto mechanic and his foundling child, and begins a family saga in which time realistically passes and characters age. King's ravishing Sunday pages -- which will be featured in separate volumes -- are more formally inventive, but the gentle humor and observational skill of the daily strips offer their own special rewards.

War's End: Profiles From Bosnia 1995-96 by Joe Sacco (Drawn & Quarterly, 80 pages, $14.95).

A welcome supplement to Sacco's "Safe Area Gorazde" and "The Fixer," this volume collects two more extraordinary pieces of graphic journalism from the Bosnian war: "Soba," an extended profile of a musician caught in the conflict, and "Christmas With Karadzic," an anecdotal account of a brief encounter with the Serbian strongman. Sacco displays his usual reporting skill, and his artwork is especially remarkable, employing his familiar obsessive cross-hatching in "Soba" but using a lovely gray-toned wash in "Christmas."

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