WALT AND SKEEZIX reviewed by The Post Standard/Herald-Journal

'Shazam' Dispenses Healthy Dose of Fun and Adventure

The Post Standard/Herald-Journal    |    Jeff Kapalka    |    November 18, 2007

Not into superheroes? Drawn and Quarterly's got you covered with another two years worth of Frank King's "Walt and Skeezix." Covering the years 1925-1926, this third volume of "Gasoline Alley" reprints finds Walt finally marrying Phyllis (despite the machinations of Mme. Octave), going on a honeymoon, and settling in to domesticity.

Not exactly edge-of-the-seat adventure, but King has a way to make us care for the characters and want to follow their lives. King was a pioneer in comics, as he was one of the first (if not the first) creators to have his creations age in real time. (Skeezix started out in 1921 as a foundling babe. In this volume, he celebrates his fifth birthday. In another 8 volumes, he'll be fighting in WW II. Today, he's collecting Social Security.)

If nothing else, the "Walt and Skeezix" books are nifty little snapshots of life in an America a long time ago.

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