WALT AND SKEEZIX 3 reviewed by Booklist

Walt & Skeezix: 1925 & 1926

Booklist    |    Ray Olson    |    December 1, 2007

The third opulent volume re-presenting the great comic strip Gasoline Alley in chronological order foregrounds the courtship and marriage of Walt Wallet and Phyllis Blossom. Of course, there's always time and space for the darnedest things and activities of Skeezix, the little boy left as a newborn on Walt's doorstep a few years back, who's in the middle of kindergarten year when this volume ends on New Year's Eve, 1926. King's artwork continues to flower (see especially the nocturnal March 30, 1926, strip: gorgeous), and his flair for finding the affective kernel in each day of his characters' lives never flags. -Ray Olson

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