Vulture Recommends D+Q among 20 Best By Women

10 Women Writers Share Their Must-Read Books for Women’s History Month

Vulture    |    Trupti Rami    |    March 4, 2019

Women writers are increasingly recognized as the dominant force in the contemporary literary landscape. We certainly don’t need an occasion to recognize and recommend them, but March — Women’s History Month — is as good a time as any. Vulture asked ten women writers (all releasing their own books in March) to choose two must-read titles apiece. Read on for selections from Amber Tamblyn, Taylor Jenkins Reid, and others.

The Customer Is Always Wrong, by Mimi Pond
Pond has a soulful way of adding pizzazz to a common story in an uncommon way. The bizarre menu of people that work with her at her small diner becomes a revolving door of crime and indelicacy, but Pond recognizes their humanity, and as the story unfolds, you just have to love them all.

The Greatest of Marlys, by Lynda Barry
I first met Marlys Mullen, the bungling, dreaming, self-assured, bucktoothed teenage girl at the center of Lynda Barry’s comic strip, Ernie Pook’s Comeek, in the early ’90s, and she settled inside me like a new bone. I hadn’t known before that characters like Marlys could exist, that they were worthy of existing. It was my first inkling that lives that looked even slightly like mine could matter. So I was thrilled in 2016 when Drawn and Quarterly published the expanded and updated version of this classic. Barry’s devotion to the small moments of a life that is outwardly unremarkable, her ability to let a story grow wild and raw between frames, is remarkable.

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