Video of Brecht Evens at San Diego Comic Con, from An Empire of One

Comic-Con 2012: the Geek Brigadoon

An Empire of One    |    David Kilmer    |    July 18, 2012

...On Friday we found ourselves standing in line next to Matt (Life in Hell/The Simpsons/Futurama) Groening. This is not the first time I’ve found myself standing next to Mr. Groening at Comic-Con. (Maybe it’s because he has great taste, just like me.) However, I’ve never been able to say anything to him. However, as we waited in line with him on Friday, many people provided ample evidence that they do not have this problem.

While Groening was in line waiting just like the rest of us, innumerable fans stopped and asked to pose with him for photographs. He did. If I had the nerve, I would not be asking for a photo. I would ask him about Krusty the Clown’s availability for a starring role in The Tears of a Clown, a script I’ve written about a land of clowns and its clown president who loses office to a little girl who can’t even smile, let alone laugh. It’s hard to imagine anyone more perfect for the role of ClownWorld Prez than Krusty.

Here’s a making of video for the painting Brecht Evens did for Matt Groening. (I could have put up the video of Evens making the watercolor sketch he did below, but isn’t it more fun to use the one with Groening? Hopefully, Mr. Groening agrees.) Don’t expect to hear much talking – the audio mostly gives you an idea of how noisy it can get on the convention floor....

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