USA Today’s Pop Candy recommends ACME NOVELTY LIBRARY 20 and THE WRONG PLACE

Comics recs: Chris Ware, 'Night Business' and more

USA Today    |    Whitney Matheson    |    December 2, 2010

Comics recs: Chris Ware, 'Night Business' and more

I've been reading lots of good comics lately, and Thursdays are when I like to share 'em with the group. Here are some books that have moved me:

- ACME Novelty Library #20 by Chris Ware (Drawn & Quarterly, $23.95). The great thing about Ware's latest book is that it's a stand-alone story, which makes it a good entry point for anyone unfamiliar with his work. (Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth is still the best entry point, but at 380 pages, it's a little more daunting.) This installment takes readers through the life of one character: Jordan "Jason" Lint, an imperfect man in many regards, but one we get to know as an infant all the way through to old age. Though Ware is known for filling his pages with impeccably designed images and miniscule blocks of text, he still manages to slip in thick slices of pain and meaning that resonate long after the reading experience ends.
Because you like:Jimmy Corrigan, Wes Anderson movies, animations like this one


- The Wrong Place by Brecht Evens (Drawn & Quarterly, $24.95). If you're the type of person who likes to pick up graphic novels just for the art, you may want to invest in this one, which tells a story in sweeping watercolor. Evens is a Belgium-based artist and The Wrong Place marks his first English book. While it tells several stories, most of them focus on a fellow named Robbie -- he's the life of the party, yet he's so popular that no one can ever seem to find him. (Certain moments reminded me of those "Louie" sketches from The State.) When the conversational style isn't a pleasure -- and it almost always is -- I simply enjoyed just gazing at the pictures.
Because you like: partying and painting, of course
See a preview: Drawn & Quarterly has posted a PDF preview on its site.


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