Finally: True Comics about a Lifetime of Sex with Prostitutes    |    Marissa Meli     |    May 25, 2011


What's it like to completely swear off romantic love, limiting your intimate contact with the opposite sex to paying hookers to do it with you? Well, I for one am not telling, so you're going to have to check out cartoonist Chester Brown's new memoir, Paying For It: A Comic-Strip Memoir About Being a John.

Your first question: is it dirty? Well, it's got an introduction by dirty old mantoonist R. Crumb if that does anything for you. It's more R-rated than X-rated, though, which is good for telling visitors to your house that you own it for artistic/sociological purposes. Because you do, right?

The wiry, pale cartoonist Chester Brown lets it all hang out in his autobiographical book, including what it's like to tell a prostitute that you make your living as a cartoonist. She used to like Archie comics, she tells him. Brown's response? His comics are "quite different from Archie."

Ultimately, Brown seems to feel fine about the whole thing, which started after three months of post break-up celibacy in 1996. I haven't read the book myself, but plenty of fine upstanding critics and sleazebags alike are giving it props across the board.

Just do yourself a solid and pick this up for $15.85 from Amazon.


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