Toronto Star: Seth and the City

Seth and the City

Toronto Star    |    Daphne Gordon    |    December 1, 2002

The counterculture comic-book artist is just a 'nostalgia-guy' from Southern Ontario.

As the man behind the comic series Palooka-Ville, seth is one of the top creators of alternative comics in the world, with a reputation that puts him in high demand for autographs at international comic book conferences and has helped him ink deals for publication in five languages.

He's also got major cred as an illustrator, with editorial work in such prestigious magazines and newspapers as the Wall Street hournal, the New York Times, the Toronto Star, Spin, and The New Yorker.

You'd think a guy might live in the Big Apple, drawing inspiration from the big-city buzz but this Clinto ON-born artist lives in a modest old house in the town of Guelph, instead drawing sustenance from the slow pace and low cost of living.

He's been building steam in the business, but now--with the publication of a 28 page booklet accompanying singer-songwriter Aimee mann's latest album and a coffee table book, Vernacular Drawnings, featuring watercolours from his elaborate sketchbooks--Seth seems poised to find a pop-cultural profile.

(Features an amazing and huge pic of Seth relaxing at home)

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