Toronto Star names GNBCC and PAYING FOR IT among Top 10 graphic novels of 2011

Top 10 graphic novels of 2011

Toronto Star    |    Jonathan Kuehlein    |    December 20, 2011

The Great Northern Brotherhood of Canadian Cartoonists

By Seth

Drawn & Quarterly, 136 pages

One of Canada’s most renowned cartoonists paints a lovingly detailed portrait of a world where he and his brethren are revered as the highest of artists. At times sweet and heartfelt, other times melancholy and moody, but always engrossing and thoroughly enjoyable.

Paying For It: A Comic-strip Memoir About Being a John

By Chester Brown

Drawn and Quarterly, 272 pages

The idea of trading cash for sex is still a shocking subject in any medium and leave it to Toronto cartooning icon Chester Brown to take the notion to the next level in graphic form. Brown’s astonishingly frank account of using the services of prostitutes in Toronto is a thoroughly engrossing look at a world most people would otherwise never know existed.

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