Time.comix rave for Sturm’s Golem

TIME.comix does the wave for James Sturm's "The Golem's Mighty Swing"

TIME Magazine    |    TIME.comix    |    August 17, 2001

It shouldn't take a small publisher, based in Canada, to bring baseball to American comicbooks, but it has. Fortunately, James Sturm's rousing, brass-band-and-hoopla wonder, "The Golem's Mighty Swing" is more than equal to the task.

This comix novella will appeal to bearded humanities professors and beer-ded guys in the bleachers alike. Its specialness hits you on the first page.

Printed on off-white paper with black ink and a very subtle gray tone for shading Sturm has a simple comix style that perfectly complements the kind of Americana he writes about. He uses old photographs for reference, particularly when drawing the players in action, but distills the details down to the fuzziness of memory. It feels like looking at an old snapshot album that actually tells a story.

With the strategy of a top manager Sturm artfully mixes Jewish mythology with the mythology of baseball as a way of exploring the myth of America. It's a big subject, and not an easy one. You can tell when the baseball-as-America metaphor gets used as an easy trope by a literal player-hater. But "The Golem's Mighty Swing," has the beauty, universality, thoughtfulness, and sweep of baseball at its best.<

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