This is How I Disappear reviewed in New York Times

History and Its Harsh Lessons Give These Graphic Novels Their Material

New York Times    |    Hillary Chute    |    October 25, 2021

The up-and-coming French cartoonist Mirion Malle goes for a stripped-down aesthetic, as her title would suggest, in THIS IS HOW I DISAPPEAR (Drawn & Quarterly, $24.95), a graphic novel steeped in millennial culture. We open (with some shades of Alison Bechdel’s “Are You My Mother?”) in a therapy session for the protagonist, Clara, a public relations associate struggling to work on her own writing and cope with the trauma of an earlier sexual assault. With a true-to-life mixture of levity and seriousness, we witness (over a few too many episodes, perhaps) Clara’s dissatisfaction with — and ultimate withdrawal from — social life. Malle ingeniously presents digital screens as comics frames, and vice versa; she links how we access our digital lives with how we read comics, and makes this significant aspect of Clara’s world — something potentially dull to depict — dramatic.

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