praises Moomin for its “unnervingly accurate perceptions of human (and Moomin) nature”

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Moomin’s Winter Follies    |    Deirdre Baker    |    December 21, 2012

There are those who hit the ice in the winter, and there are Moomins. “Sports can’t be wholesome. All my friends are behaving most strangely!” Moominmamma thinks when athletic Mr. Brisk gets the Moomins into competitive skiing and skating. Finnish writer Jansson pokes gentle fun at Moomin’s sportive ineptness and his friends’ susceptibility to Mr. Brisk’s rugged outdoor looks. “How about a small winter party instead of sports?” Moominmamma finally asks — and everybody celebrates. Jansson’s 1950s comic strip story comes in child-friendly format, complete with Jansson’s native wit and unnervingly accurate perceptions of human (and Moomin) nature. Quirky, wise and funny.

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