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The best new books to read in May

The Philadelphia Inquirer    |    Patrick Rapa    |    April 27, 2022

There’s a tendency to sum up entire social media platforms based on their most annoying users: Tweeters sharing bad takes, Facebookers spreading bad info, YouTubers complaining about YouTube, etc. But every platform has a book section, and, therefore, at least some value in my mind.

In recent decades I’ve enjoyed the ways social media has enhanced my reading experience with recommendations, discussions and, especially on a certain mean-spirited subreddit with an unprintable name, jokes about certain authors and their fans. For every illuminating literary post on Reddit, there’s a “what’s your favorite book?” thread dominated by The Martian. (I’m not saying it’s bad; I’m saying Redditors should read more books.)


And now, here are some new books guaranteed to stimulate your brain and inspire some content.

The Third Person, Emma Grove

This hefty graphic memoir by Emma Grove recounts the trans artist/author’s therapy sessions which not only dug up memories from a dark past, but also led to a dissociative identity disorder diagnosis as well. The Third Personfeatures 900-plus pages of simple black-and-white drawings, but only your arms will get tired. (Drawn & Quarterly, $39.95, May 3)

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