sounds off on Kate Beaton’s HARK! A VAGRANT

Kate Beaton skewers history and literature in Hark! A Vagrant    |    Jennie Ramstad    |    January 18, 2012

Admittedly a little late on the Hark! A Vagrant bandwagon (it was published way back in September), I picked up a copy on a recent jaunt through Pulp Fiction’s Main Street location. As evidenced by an immediate, 10-minute-long chucklefest, this was one collection of comics that was clearly coming home with me.

Lovingly rendered in black-and-white drawings, each comic lambasts a particular aspect of history or literature. My favourites were the ones that dealt with 15th century peasant romance, St. Francis of Assisi and his birds, cruising with the Brontë sisters, and the strange, unreciprocated bromance between Jules Verne and Edgar Allan Poe.

Although not designed for those who prefer their comics with a dash of capes and masks, Hark! A Vagrant will appeal to all the literature and history buffs out there, or anyone who enjoys a healthy dose of irreverent, somewhat sophisticated in-jokes. If that means you, you should probably check out these graphic novels too.

If you like to try before you buy, check out Kate Beaton’s website and get a taste of the historical and literary romp that’s in store.

Hark! A Vagrant sells for $19.95, and can be found at most local book and comic-book stores.

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