SPENT reviewed by Metapsychology

Review - Spent

Metapsychology    |    Christian Perring    |    January 29, 2008

Much of Joe Matt's work is autobiographical, and he doesn't hold back on the unpleasant details of his life. Spent covers a period in his life when he lives in Toronto. He spends his time annoying his friends, searching for old comic strips, editing the men out of hard core pornography, and masturbating as many times as he can in a given time period. Occasionally he makes comics about his life and about how boring his comics are. He is neurotic and goes out of his way to make himself look pretty bad. The artwork is 8 cells per page, with bold lines and vigorous lines. The only coloring is green. There's a tradition in comics and comedy to highlight the most unappealing aspects of people, and Matt takes it to an extreme. It can be funny, but it's an acquired taste.

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