SPENT reviewed by The Colorado Springs Independent

Short Stories

Colorado Springs Independent    |    Jo Tatchell    |    July 19, 2007

Comic book icon Harvey Pekar (of American Splendor fame) "dug Spent."That's quite an endorsement for a self-deprecating graphic novel/ memoir about a miserable, pornography-addicted existence. Joe Matt chronicles a lifetime of awkwardness that borders on social retardation around women and details his odd, obsessive habits, like urinating in bottles in his closet to avoid the odd apartment-mates with whom he shares a bathroom. Matt's cartoon work is solid with commendable, creative panel jumps between past and present in the narrative, much like good editing in a film. But unless you can relate to chronic masturbation and neurotic comic geeks, Spent might just come off as smut. TMI, Mr. Matt. TMI. — Matthew Schniper

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