SPENT in The Edmonton Journal

The big pictures

The Edmonton Journal    |    Gilbert Bourchard    |    July 29, 2007

A master of the craft of drawing, and boasting a style as forceful as it is spare, Matt is one of the pioneers of autobiographical and unvarnished comic book writing.
How "unvarnished"? Well, as you can guess from the book's title, the author's obsession with masturbation and porn is an overarching theme. If you can handle that, this is the wildly funny, albeit dark, tome for you.

It’s an ugly confession, but when the weather gets really, really hot, my reading habits go to pot. Unlike my attention span during the winter months — a time when I tear through even the headiest of books in a couple of days — my ability to concentrate on dense, mind-twisting texts evaporates like a popsicle dropped on a heat-wave blasted sidewalk.

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