Shhh, I’m Reading blogger loses himself to PABLO HOMLBERG’S EDEN

Losing Myself to Pablo Holmberg’s Eden

Shhh, I'm Reading    |    Shhh, I'm Reading Blogger    |    October 5, 2010

Right when I needed a little whimsy I came across the Argentinean comic and Drawn & Quarterly scribe Pablo Holmberg. It’s like that sometimes with books; they just show up as needed. I’ve been reading a lot of Heavy Metal back issues and Northlanders and after all that viking slayer and sci-fi soft core business I was craving a comic that was a little gentler, less blood and brawn but no less raw. A little closer to the heart than the loins if you will. Holmberg’s little epiphany of a book Eden is incredible. In one sense it is a non serial collection of 4 panel graphic koans on themes of yearning, loss and the natural world. But of course they work as a whole because all of these ideas loosely constitute what it means to be a human being. Eden is a bit like a capsule collection of the grand folly of living. There were individual panels that brought me to tears. And before you conclude that only a sap could be so profoundly affected by a comic, go and pick up a copy. I dare you to be unmoved.

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