SHENZHEN in the Onion

The AV Club Reviw - Shenzhen

The AV Club    |    The AV Club    |    September 22, 2006

Following up on last year's entertaining North Korean travelogue Pyongyang, Guy Delisle recounts an earlier adventure in supervising Asian animators in Shenzhen: A Travelogue From China (Drawn & Quarterly). Like the previous book, Shenzen focuses on the repetitive grind of working, eating, and in spare moments, seeking out and appreciating the unique character of an undemocratic nation. Delisle's reportage is appealingly brisk and casual, and in a way, without even meaning to, his work has become emblematic of how we're living in a comics golden age. When a piece of graphic non-fiction like this, so smart and unpretentious, can find a place on bookshelves, then the decades-old dream of people like Harvey Pekar and Gary Groth has been realized… A-

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