SF Weekly makes Huizenga, Nilsen and Bell tour a top pick

West Coast Slide Show & Discussion Tour

SF Weekly    |    SF Weekly Staff    |    February 13, 2007

In his book Curses, Kevin Huizenga again dips into the life of Glenn Ganges, a suburban Everyman flirting with mythology and spirituality, who bears resemblance to Dagwood Bumstead. In one tale, he drifts into a 19th-century ghost story about hallucinatory visions brought on by green tea; in another, a trip to the mailbox turns into a meditation on the "Lost Boys of Sudan." The work is so alive you can picture it -- actually, it's hard not to. Curses is a collection of comics put out by Drawn & Quarterly, the influential home of artists like Charles Burns, Chris Ware, and Adrian Tomine. On the publisher's West Coast Slide Show & Discussion Tour, Huizenga appears with Anders Nilsen, whose Don't Go Where I Can't Follow features an intimate collection of drawings, letters, and photographs in memory of his fiancée, and Gabrielle Bell, who reveals a Brooklyn twentysomething life full of bad apartments, bad roommates, and bad jobs in Lucky. Booksmith, 1644 Haight (at Cole) , San Francisco

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