SETH’s John Stanley’s Summer Fun sampler the best of all FCBD offerings

John Stanley's Summer Fun - Issue # 1

Comic Book Realm    |    Comic Book Realm    |    May 7, 2011

Drawn & Quarterly presents what will surely be the best, most rollicking and pleasure-filled FCBD offering, one that appeals to a myriad of readers; young or old, new to the genre or drowning in stacks of plastic covered pulp, John Stanley's Summer Fun will leave the reader smiling. Spotlighting the world's most loved all-ages cartoonist, John Stanley, and one of today's best contemporary cartoonists and designers, Seth, John Stanley's Summer Fun features stories from the John Stanley Library--Melvin Monster and Nancy--as well as Stanley classics Dunc and Loo and The Little King, making the collection as diverse as it is engaging. Not only will D+Q's FCBD issue appeal to the mainstream media, but its direct link to the John Stanley Library makes it relevant to what retailers have in store. Capturing the essence of FCBD while showcasing comics that are accessible to all readers, John Stanley's Summer Fun offers great value in an eye-catching package. How could you pass this up?

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