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Seth and Wimbledon Green

Goethe-Institut    |    Geoffrey Taylor    |    April 20, 2006

Seth is a valuable leader among the Canadian comics community, an affable and talented artist with the connections and charisma to bring together many individuals from this disparate group. His participation in the 2005 International Festival of Authors was an undeniable boost to the success of the comics components of the event. Though his work is certainly indicative of an exceedingly personal style, Seth possesses an incredible knowledge of both comics history and its current practitioners. We were most pleased to have Seth present "Wimbledon Green," the latest of a series of graphic novels and comics which also includes "Bannock, Beans and Black Tea" and the internationally renowned serial Palookaville.

Visual narratives - from video games to graphic novels
Our interest in Seth and comics in general parallels North America’s rising interest in the form. Though graphic novels are far from reaching the apex of their cultural influence, they continue to infiltrate mass culture through the visual narratives of film, television and video games as well as imbedding themselves in the world of literary discourse. Although North America’s mainstream publishing industry has paid the creators and consumers of graphic novels and comics a cursory attention since the early 1980’s, only recently has the form been pervasively recognized as literature. Many major houses now release at least one graphic novel title per season. This development is mostly the result of the independent rise of small specialist publishers who have built respected houses exclusively upon the foundation of literary graphic novels. These presses have produced a series of critically acclaimed volumes –such as Drawn & Quarterly with Seth’s work– which have reached mass audiences through nontraditional means and have been awarded major literary prizes. Graphic novels are now produced and read popularly throughout the world and are featured on the shelves of almost every North American book store.

Image Text
In 2005 the International Festival of Authors expanded its commitment to graphic novels, their creators and readers through the "Image Text" exhibit as well as a number of Festival events. "Image Text" revealed the influence of graphic novels in a historical, local and global context while exploring the integration of images and text in a myriad of cultural commodities and creations. Seth’s work, included in this exhibition, is one of the launching points in the exploration of the world of graphic novels.

Geoffrey Taylor is the Artistic Director of the Harbourfront Reading Series and the International Festival of Authors, the biggest international literary festival in North America.

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