Reviewer gushs about THE WRONG PLACE by BRECHT EVENS

The Wrong Place

Reviewer    |    Julia Rothman    |    May 12, 2011

This comic by Brecht Evens is like nothing I've seen before. It's amazingly painterly, created with watercolor in vivid colors. There are so many thin layers of loose blob shapes that come together somehow to make the characters and settings. Often the layers are so transparent that patterns from the floor, or drawings of other people, are visible underneath other drawings. This works particularly well in the crowded party scenes creating energy, motion and confusion. There is also a great use of light and shadows that adds another layer of interest to the compositions. The story centers around a group of 20-somethings all captivated by a guy named Robbie: women want to sleep with him, guys want to look like him, everyone wants to be his friend. It's a fun read filled with party scenes and realistic dialogue. Because the text is un-contained and there's no obvious direction you're supposed to read them in, your eyes just float around the page reading the conversations very naturally. I really enjoyed both the story and the style of this book which is rare. You should get a copy right here.

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