Putin’s Russia in Comicbook’s Weekly Pull

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Comicbook    |    Jamie Lovett, Chase Magnett    |    February 15, 2022

It's unfortunate, but Darryl Cunningham's newest comics history could not have arrived at a more appropriate time. As tensions soar in eastern Europe and talk of the United States and Russia at war seems more likely than at any time since the Cold War, it's worth considering who the man governing and shaping modern is and that's exactly what Putin's Russia: The Rise of a Dictator sets out to do. Cunningham's comics always aim for clarity, examining complex figures and topics with clear timelines, graphics, and an abundance of research. This volume is focused on a singular figure – a man who climbed from the ashes of the KGB to effectively become Russia's dictator for the past two decades and one of the wealthiest oligarchs on the globe. Amidst all of that secrecy and money, Cunningham finds everything he can to plot Putin's rise and how he steered his country in a direction to match his own vision. Despite the dark historical materials he reviews, Cunningham also ensures readers will be kept engaged with a dry sense of wit and a knack for historical storytelling. His ability to connect specific figures with wider trends, especially the alignment between growing wealth disparity and too-powerful individuals seen in Cunningham's last comic Billionaires. Whether you've always been curious about who exactly Vladimir Putin is or are just looking to catch up on foreign affairs, it's likely Putin's Russia will prove to be an invaluable and surprisingly entertaining starting point. -- Chase Magnett

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