PopMatters reviews MARC BELL’S ability to walk the line

Hot Potatoe: Fine Ahtwerks, 2001-2008

PopMatters    |    Sarah Cole    |    December 7, 2009

If I was backed into a corner and had to come up with one word for Marc Bell’s newest release Hot Potatoe, I would have to go with dense. Both in style and content, there is so much to wade through, let simmer, and sink in after digesting Bell’s work. Bell, a Canadian cartoonist/artist, has dedicated himself to creating what he refers to as “fine ahtwerks,”and alternates between being exhibited in fine art galleries, like the Adam Baumgold Gallery in New York City, and creating independent comix and album art for underground bands from his hometown of London, Ontario. In this way, Bell seems to be part of a growing trend of individuals who exist within the overlap of the art world and comics scene Venn diagram, a space whose very existence contests the necessity of the line in the first place. That said, his work similarly reflects both comic culture, as well as fine art among other references.


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