PAYING FOR IT by CHESTER BROWN is fascinating, says Partners West

Book News June 6, 2011

Partners West    |    Partners West    |    June 6, 2011

One of the more fascinating graphic novels I've read in awhile is Chester Brown's PAYING FOR IT, a memoir about his experiences being a john. At the age of 39, Brown comes to the conclusion that his desire for sex and his disillusionment with romantic love were at odds, and began seeing prostitutes on a regular basis. This book chronicles those experiences, beginning with his struggle to come to the decision, through his many experiences with a variety of prostitutes, to his call for decriminalizing the profession. It's frank and honest, and, although it's definitely from a biased, first-person male perspective, Brown's arguments are presented logically and thoughtfully - he totally stands behind his ideals. The art is fantastic - simplistic yet full of detail. I found myself thinking about this long after I'd turned the last page. Rated M.

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