Paste Magazine calls The Making Of “visually stunning”

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Paste Magazine    |    HILLARY BROWN, SEAN EDGAR AND GARRETT MARTIN    |    August 29, 2012

The Making Of
by Brecht Evens, trans. Laura Watkinson and Michele Hutchison
Rating: 9.3

...Brecht Evens’s work is always visually stunning, an intricate world of watercolor washes flooded with color and pattern, shaped by creative layout. Past incarnations of his vision have felt slightly lacking, though, like a party full of interesting people that doesn’t quite gel into a unified picture. But The Making Of is a step forward, an intelligent statement about the importance of process in making art that also functions as a fish-out-of-water narrative similar to a movie like Local Hero. The book looks great, unsurprisingly, with pages that could easily stand on their own as works of art. Those that subtly address different perspectives of the same scene, as with one that shows the path of a car from a distance juxtaposed with closer views of images viewed from its window, are especially rewarding. Evens always does a nice job with quickly sketching characters, and his habit of rendering dialogue in colors tied to individuals is an intelligent solution to differentiating them. He also isn’t afraid of awkwardness and comedy, two aspects that frequently intersect in his work and do so beautifully here. The Making Of looks at the decision to make art without being pretentious or annoying or flippant; it’s also genuinely enjoyable to read and, at 160 pages, it’s not over before you know it. That combination makes it one of the strongest comics published this year. (HB)...

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