PASTE magazine calls Anna & Froga “charming and weird”

Comic Book & Graphic Novel Round-Up

PASTE magazine    |    BY HILLARY BROWN, SEAN EDGAR AND GARRETT MARTIN    |    July 12, 2012

Anna and Froga: Want a Gumball?
by Anouk Ricard
Drawn + Quarterly, 2012
Rating: 7.6

Translated from the French-Canadian, this goofy children’s book has an Ikea aesthetic and the heart of something much darker. Like many of the best narratives aimed at young readers, it doesn’t waste any time preaching to its audience. Ricard isn’t interested in lessons, and although some characters get what’s coming to them, that’s as far as it goes. All five of its cast (Anna, Froga the frog, Bubu the dog, Christopher the worm, and Ron the cat) are self-centered, prideful, rude, oblivious, lazy, or gluttonous more often than not, but, as with Larry David’s universe, the results are better this way. Multi-page storylines alternate with two-page spreads rendered in a less flat fashion, but all feature Ricard’s bright primary colors and manage to be cute without being cutesy. They also make sense, which is where she distinguishes herself from Ben Jones, whose work can look similar. Charming and weird, this book should attract a small, fierce following. (HB)

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