OPTIC NERVE #12 is top of Playback:stl’s 2011 list!

Top 10 Comics of 2011

playbackstl    |    Steve Higgins    |    January 10, 2012

1. Optic Nerve (W / A: Adrian Tomine; Drawn and Quarterly)
Adrian Tomine has only put out one single issue of his comic in the last three years, yet Optic Nerve #12 was easily the best comic released in 2011. It had humor, it had poignant human interactions, it was beautifully drawn, it was insightfully written. The question people ask should not be “why can’t Tomine put out his comics faster?” It should be “if other artists worked at Tomine’s pace, would their work rise to his skill level?”

Honorable mentions go to Image’s Chew and Oni’s The Sixth Gun. They topped my last year, and they continued to be excellent reads this year as well. Greg Rucka’s take on The Punisher brought the character back to basics with great results, while Peter Milligan’s version of John Constantine in Hellblazer has taken the character in new and interesting directions. Jeff Lemire is also having a fantastic year, not just with his contributions to the New 52 books from DC but also with his continued ongoing Vertigo series Sweet Tooth, which featured a spectacular three-part story this year with guest art by St. Louis’ own Matt Kindt. Finally, speaking of the New 52, DC really knocked it out of the park with their relaunch, creating a ton of new series that featured some of the most solid storytelling in comics. In fact, the new 52 books have been so great, they deserve a list of their own… | Steve Higgins

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