Nick Gazin of VICE digs THE WRONG PLACE

Nick Gazin's Comic Book Love-In #18

VICE Magazine    |    Nick Gazin    |    February 9, 2011

This is one of the best comics I’ve seen in years. Each page is beautifully illustrated with gesturally drawn watercolor people who look like candy. The compositions, colors, poses, lettering–it’s all perfect. There’s something about the poses, situations, and the location of the “camera” in relation to the people that reminds me of Eddie Campbell, although I find his work dull. This stuff is like if you replaced his scratchy little lines and people with a luscious cornucopia of patterns and color.

The book’s chiefly about two characters: Gary, who’s fairly tame, and his old friend Robbie, a party boy who everyone loves and gossips about. The first half of the book shows a party at Gary’s apartment in which everyone seems uncomfortable and mostly talk about the absent Robbie. The second half follows the characters to a nightclub where Robbie is worshiped and it seems like anything is possible. Going any farther into the plot would be pointless as there isn’t a totally straightforward plot. It’s all made up of little instances. There are moments of conversation at Gary’s disaster of a party as people inadvertently reveal the kind of people they really are. The camera always keeps an objective distance and we never really get inside any of the characters heads too much but that doesn’t seem like a major problem when the art’s this pretty. Although we never really identify with any one character too much it does feel exactly like you’re witnessing everything as a ghost. I got the sense that Brecht Evans resented all the characters, or at least I resented them all. They all seemed like shallow jerks, maybe they just reminded me of people I know.
It’s rare to find a new good long comic these days. I say this a lot as a joke but Brecht Evans really is the guy I am most excited about seeing more new work from. Every page of this book is like tasty, tasty candy.

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