NEWSDAY calls SCENES FROM AN IMPENDING MARRIAGE “refreshingly humble and very, very funny.”


FANFARE    |    SAM THIELMAN    |    March 20, 2011

Adrian Tomine's future is secure. Though the slice-of-life cartoonist has made his mark as a graphic novelist (and a New Yorker cover artist) many times over, he's managed to craft the perfect engagement party favor with "Scenes From an Impending Marriage" (Drawn & Quarterly, $9.95). The tiny volume is out just in time for wedding season, and it's certain to change hands over the course of many a nuptial shindig. Its plot is simple: The author recounts the difficulties he and his wife (of Japanese and Irish ancestry, respectively) worked through during their engagement, from managing the guest list to deciding between Taiko drums and bagpipes (in honor of cultural harmony, they choose neither). Tomine's influences are as appealing as they are unconventional: He pays homage to Charles Schulz and even Bil Keane ("The Family Circus") over the course of this short book, portraying himself as an overgrown child. The result is refreshingly humble and very, very funny. [...]

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