The New York Times takes a look at Marble Season

Graphic Books Best Sellers: The Wonder of Childhood

New York Times    |    George Gene Gustines    |    May 3, 2013

“Marble Season,” by Gilbert Hernandez, arrives at No. 2 on our hardcover graphic books best-seller list this week. Mr. Hernandez is better known for his work on “Love and Rockets,” a critically acclaimed independent comic book series that he worked on primarily with his brother Jaime (and occasionally with their brother Mario). Confession time: “Love and Rockets” is beloved by many, but the parts of the sprawling tale that I’ve read have left me cold. “Marble Season” had the opposite effect. In this semi-autobiographical tale, Mr. Hernandez captures the wonder of childhood — the joy of imagination, an appreciation for comic books and all the ultimately petty but seemingly world-shattering trials and tribulations of friendships during that time in one’s life. The 120-page story is told in six-panel grids that reminded me of Sunday newspaper comic strips, which I devoured in my youth. “Marble Season” is published by Drawn & Quarterly.

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