New York Magazine Spotlights Adrian Tomine’s NYC event for Optic Nerve #9

NY Magazine raves about Adrian Tomine and Optic Nerve #9

New York Magazine    |    Boris Kachka    |    March 8, 2004

Adrian Tomine
Adrian Tomine has been producing sleek, angsty, Carver-esque comics since he was 16—well before “graphic novels” became a salable genre—and has become so successful that, at 29, he actually manages to support himself with his art. (A side business in illustration—everything from New Yorker doodles to a Margaret Cho T-shirt reading ASSMASTER—certainly helps.) Issue 9 of his series Optic Nerve, which Tomine unveils at Housing Works during a Q&A on February 4, proves he hasn’t grown complacent. Part one of the longest single story he’s ever written, the book tells of a Japanese-American reconsidering the identity politics he’s always shunned. Sounds a lot like the artist himself. 

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