The National Post on My Dirty Dumb Eyes

Graphic Scenes: Today is the Last Day of the Rest of Your Life, My Dirty Dumb Eyes, The Library

The National Post    |    The National Post    |    June 21, 2013

Marrying an inspired sense of crude absurdity with an uncommonly lush and colourful drawing style, Lisa Hanawalt’s comics fall somewhere between the marginal doodles that have you suppressing laughter in the back of chemistry and drawing farting butts on Impressionist canvases. The rare mind that can conceive of something as ridiculous as Anna Wintour offering you a dead mouse as a present and evocatively render it, her oblique catalogues of modern experience and left-field comics are the stuff that draws laughs sheerly through being like nothing you’ve quite seen before. My Dirty Dumb Eyes (Drawn and Quarterly, 120 pp; $22.95), which collects her assorted gag strips, comic movie reviews and longer work, is a perfect introduction, one best read where no one is going to look askance at you for laughing at chimps dressed up Ryan Gosling in Drive. Set side by side, her more narrative work suffers some against the free-form ridiculousness of her diary-like entries, but that has more to do with the latter’s sheer inspiration; Hanawalt is flat-out funny in a way few people, never mind artists, ever manage.

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