National Post calls Katin’s Letting it Go, “the work of her unbounded imagination”

Winter Culture Preview: Books

National Post Published    |    Mike Doherty    |    January 6, 2013

Curl up on the sofa with a warm cup of tea and one of these tomes, hitting shelves before the snow melts:

Feb. 5 Miriam Katin, Letting It Go There are very few panels in Miriam Katin’s pencil-drawn comics: Scenes meld together and emerge out of each other, the work of her unbounded imagination. Her first graphic-novel memoir, We Are on Our Own (2006), which she published at age 63, told of her harrowing escape, with her mother, from the Nazis in Hungary. This is a sequel of sorts, relating how her son’s decision to move to Berlin forced her to confront deep-seated anger. It’s thoughtful and unflinching but also frequently funny, and drawn with considerable grace.

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